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A professional Instructor and Training Materials Development Specialist with over 17 years experience in platform instruction, developing course curricula, instructional system design and lesson plans. Over 7 years experience in computer-based and web-based training, and support materials development.  Extensive experience developing multimedia-training using automated tools such as Designer’s Edge, Asymetrics Multimedia ToolBook II, and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver. Experienced with HTML and some Java. Extensive experience with Visio, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Access, Excel and Project applications. Experience with Adobe Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro. A Certified Designer’s Edge Instructor with a Master of Science degree in System Management and Information Systems.




Software Test Engineer/46th Test Squadron – Tybrin Corporation, Eglin AFB, Fl.

10/2006 - Present


·         Provide software and operational expertise, engineering, and test management for Command and Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence (C4I) systems for the 46 Test Squadron (46TS).

·         Provide technical advice, test planning, execution, analysis, and reporting on all aspects of C4I systems testing, specifically Combat Plans Division applications in the Air and Space Operations Center Weapon System (AOC WS) and Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS).

·         Develop and write methods of test, test directives, technical or letter reports, and other test process documents as required in the conduct of testing.

·         Oversee and monitor C4I system testing, validation and verification testing, and modeling and simulation testing.

·         Provide briefings, information, and/or technical support as necessary.


Senior Operations Analyst/SOCOM SOKF-J9 – L-3 Corporation, MacDill AFB, Fl.

2/2006 - 10/2006


·         Responsible for the SOF future concepts process. Integrate SOF aspects into Joint Staff Operating Concepts (JOCs), Joint Functional Concepts (JFCs), and Joint Integrating Concepts (JICs).

·         Develop, administer, and publish SOF-specific operating, functional, and integrating concepts.

·         Ensure proposed SOF concepts support strategic guidance and direction as well as CDRUSSOCOM’s vision.

·         Synchronize SOF concept development with the joint community, the DOD, and the interagency through the Chairman’s Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System.

·         Develop SOF Future Operational Environment (FOE).

·         Maintain knowledge of current / near-term subordinate capabilities through interface with SCSO to ensure all future concepts build upon current SOF capabilities.

·         Direct the development of White Papers to assess concepts and associated capabilities for evolution into SOF-related experiments and war games.


Chief-Strike Cell Operations/505th Exercise Control Squadron – Northrup-Grumman, Hurlburt Field, Fl.

12/2001 - 2/2006


·         Chief of Strike Cell Operations for the 505th Exercise Control Squadron simulating the operations of friendly strike forces in the AWSIM computer modeling system during Blue Flag, JEFX, Ulchi Focus Lens and other exercises required by Joint and numbered Air Forces.

·         Establish procedures for the realistic simulation of strike aircraft/forces, maintaining a smooth flow of information on the status of missions to exercise players.

·         Supervise the editing and monitoring of all strike missions in the exercise air tasking order (ATO) in the AWSIM computer system.

·         Monitor and update the status of missions using the Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) suite of programs used in building, monitoring, executing and analyzing the ATO.


Writer/Developer/Programmer – TSM Corporation, Pensacola, Fl.

6/2001 - 12/2001


·         Writer/Developer for TSM Corporation developing multimedia training for the United States Marine Corps.

·         Extremely knowledgeable and highly competent in employing Instructional Systems Development processes and products for rapid prototyping, designing and developing courseware, and applying optimal development and production efficiencies to all categories of interactive multimedia courseware

·         Designed and developed effective computer-based C130 Electronics Troubleshooting training for the United States Marine Corps using Access Database templates and the Mentergy Quest authoring program.


Lead Developer/Training Specialist/Programmer - Raytheon Systems Company, Pensacola, Fl.

10/1997 – 6/2001


·         Lead Developer for the Raytheon Interactive team developing multimedia training for Cendant Corporation, General Motors, the U.S. Air Force, Navy and others.

·         Instrumental in developing and employing the unique Designer's Edge to ToolBook II and Designer's Edge to WBT automated Synergy development processes currently in use at Raytheon’s Pensacola Multimedia Production Complex (MPC)

·         Certified Designer’s Edge instructor

·         Responsible for training Raytheon and other personnel in the operation of the Designer’s Edge program in large-scale multimedia development.

·         Designed and developed effective computer-based and Web based training for the Navy, Air Force and GM corporation by applying the full capabilities of the Asymetrics Multimedia ToolBook II, versions 6.0, 7.2 and 8.0 CBT Authoring System and Allen Communications Designer's Edge and Designer's Edge Net Synergy Instructional Design development tools


Training Specialist - Betac Corporation, Fort Walton Beach, Fl.

9/1994 - 10/1997


·         Designed and developed effective computer-based training for the Contingency Theater Automated Planning System (CTAPS) using the Asymetrics Multimedia Toolbook II, versions 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 CBT Authoring System

·         Coordinated Subject Matter Expert inputs into the CBT development process, developed comprehensive storyboards for lessons and programmed CBT blocks of instruction using the Asymetrics Multimedia Toolbook II CBT Authoring System

·         Using Toolbook II, Converted and validated approved CTAPS training modules into effective CBT formats for export to the field

·         Used Instructional System Design processes to develop instructor scripts, lesson plans, student advance sheets, computer labs, and support materials for the CTAPS training program at the USAF Air Ground Operations School

·         Performed as primary course developer and platform instructor for the CTAPS Advanced Planning System training module, and performed as the alternate instructor for the Airspace Deconfliction System


Major - United States Air Force

4/1979 - 9/1994


Commissioned 7/79 Promoted to 1st Lt. 7/81, Captain 7/83, Major 10/90


·         Chief of the Wing Operations Center (WOC) Operations for the Battle staff Training School

·         Supervised and trained over 500 officer and enlisted personnel who simulate the operations of friendly air forces in the AWSIM computer modeling system during Blue Flag exercises

·         Developed training programs and training manuals for WOC simulator operators. 


·         Chief of Plans, 32d Tactical Fighter Group (USAFE), Soesterberg Air Base, The Netherlands

·         Developed, formulated and coordinated all unit wartime plans, battle staff briefings and peacetime operational/contingency plans to support national and NATO taskings

·         Acted as Deputy Commander for Operations Resource Advisor and as the liaison for coordination between the Director of Operations and the Dutch Military.


·         Navigator Instructor/Flight Commander for the 450th Flying Training Squadron, Mather Air Force Base, Ca.

·         Supervised, scheduled, instructed and evaluated students and instructors undergoing training in the Fighter, Attack and Reconnaissance (FAR) track of Navigator Training


·         Four years as an F-4D/E Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) at Osan AB, Republic of Korea and Moody AFB, Georgia

·         Qualified as an F-4E simulator Instructor WSO for the 70th Tactical Fighter Squadron






Joint Aerospace Command & Control Course (JAC2C)                                   10/2002

Hurlburt Field , Florida


Designer's Edge Train the Trainer                                                                   10/1998

Salt Lake City, Utah


Theater Battle Management Systems Administrator Course (TBMSAC)           12/1996

Hurlburt Field , Florida


USAF Air-to-Ground Operations School, Battle Staff Training Course               12/1992

Hurlburt Field , Florida


Squadron Officers School                                                                                 6/1986

Montgomery, Alabama


Air Force Instructor School                                                                              3/1985

Sacramento, California


Master's Degree


Master of Science Systems Management, Information Systems                        12/1988

University of Southern California, Sacramento, Ca.


Bachelor's Degree


BA - Music Literature and Theory, Communication and Theater Arts               12/1977

Heidelberg Collage, Tiffin, Oh.




SSBI TS 6/04